IMDG Code Amendment 39-18
Corrigenda December 2019

The International Maritime Organization has recently published a Corrigenda to Amendment 39-18. Many of the changes are minor text corrections and improvements including:
  • minor text corrections to the classification provisions in 2.4.2, 2.5.3, 2.8.3, and 2.9.2
  • numerous revisions to the entries in the segregation groups so that the PSNs match their relevant DGL entry
  • UN1512 removed from segregation groups 2, 7 and 12
  • in the dangerous goods list (*) there have been numerous changes to UN Number entries to reflect:
    • repositioning of SGG codes above SG codes to provide consistent ordering
    • corrections to replace spillage provisions with underlined equivalents to take into account the special cases that apply to marine pollutants
    • updates to many entries which contain reference to explosive limits in properties and observations to clarify that those references are made to ‘lower’ explosive limits
  • the following specific changes in the dangerous goods list:
    • UN1011 – correction to misplaced SP392 in the books
    • UN1016 – correction to misplaced SP974 in the books
    • UN1512 – Segregation groups SGG2, SGG7 and SGG12 deleted from column 16b
    • UN1712 – correction to the PSN
    • UN1748, pg III – added ‘SGG8’ to column 16b
    • UN1758 – Update to the properties and observation column by deleting ‘In the presence of moisture, highly corrosive to most metals’
    • UN2216 – reference to deleted SP945 removed
    • UN3090/91 – both now have full text provided in the properties and observation column
    • UN3219, pg II – now has SP900 added to match the pg III entry
    • UN3389 – now has the full text provided in the properties and observation column
  • amendment and deletion of some special provisions
  • several minor updates to the table of specimen labels in
  • minor corrections to the text of and presentation of the SG codes in 7.2.8
  • SG29 and SG50 are now specifically referenced in the text in
(*) Note: Many of these changes apply to the printed books only and are either ok in the digital copies or not applicable.

  • These changes were current at the time of production
  • This is a guide only. Users must check with official sources before relying on the information
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