IMDG Code for Windows general

Why can I not purchase IMDG Code for Windows after 1 June 2020?

The International Maritime Organization announced their intention at the beginning of 2020, as follows:

‘Please be advised that IMO Publishing will be discontinuing the IMDG Code on the Web subscription (S200E), Electronic IMDG Code for download (ZL200E) and IMDG Code for Windows CD (DL200E) products from 1 June 2020.'

Since then IMO have decided to continue selling IMDG Code on the Web until 31 December 2020, but sales of IMDG Code for Windows (electronic and CD versions) will stop from the end of May 2020. If purchased by then, they will remain active for use until 31 December 2021.

From 1 June 2020 the alternative Amendment 39-18 products that will be available to you are:

IMDG Code e-reader (PC download)
IMDG Code on the Web 
IMDG Code books (currently unavailable for sale due to Covid-19)
Hazcheck Workstation 
Hazcheck Online 

For further information about which option is best for you contact

Where do I find the Online Help and User Manual?

To access Help (aka the User Manual) click the blue question mark icon in the tool bar. The User Manual is also accessible from the main library menu as a separate book.

You can search the User Manual by entering terms in the Search field. You can also print from the User Manual.

Hint: Chapter 7 of the User Manual provides an overview of highlights and features of the software program.

What version(s) of the IMDG Code does the product correspond to?

IMDG Code for Windows currently includes the full text of the Code and Supplement for Amendment 39-18

What's new in Amendment 39-18 of the IMDG Code?

When does Amendment 39-18 become mandatory?

Amendment 39-18 of the IMDG Code is valid for use from 1 January 2019 and is mandatory from 1 January 2020.

What do I do if I have a problem running this program?

If you start the program and do not see the IMDG books, go to Help > Activation (from dropdown menu in top left corner of program), click Activation, and the serial number will populate. Contact IMDG Code Support

What if I need help in understanding or interpreting the content of the IMDG Code?

Contact your own National Competent Authority. Details are in IMDG Code 7.9.3.
Hint: enter 7.9.3 into the Find box (V13) or Search box (V14) and press Enter.

How do I update my program when IMO issue an Errata to the current amendment?

When the IMDG for Windows software is updated with the errata content, an updated download will be available on the IMDG Code for Windows page. Simply download over your current installation, re-open the program, and the content will be updated.

IMDG Code for Windows installation

What is an advance purchase code?

On completion of your purchase you are assigned an advance purchase code which is your proof of purchase. This is a unique code that:

  • holds a history of your purchase details including the number of copies purchased.
  • is required in order to obtain your activation code(s).
  • is required should you need to transfer your product to another computer.
  • is required should you need to contact IMDG support for assistance.

How do I receive the product?

Download IMDG Code for Windows and install the software onto any stand-alone computer meeting the system requirements. Every computer requires its own unique activation code which must be purchased. Alternatively, an installation CD can be requested.

How do I install the product?

If you have downloaded the product, it is installed by running the setup program called SetIMDG14Dec2019.exe and following the on-screen instructions. If you have a CD, the installation will start automatically when you insert the CD into your drive. When the installation is complete the product will launch automatically.

Note: This product requires activation, which must be purchased. When the product is first run it will display a serial number and ask you to enter its activation code.

How do I activate the product?

Go to the drop down arrow at the top left of the program that you have downloaded and click Help, Activate. You will see a 7 digit unique program serial number displayed in a box under 'Get Activation Code'. Please go to the activate your system link in the email that you received after purchasing the system and paste in your advanced purchase code. Your activation code and activation information  will be displayed. 

For full installation and activation instructions, contact quoting your advance purchase code, the activation code and the program serial number.

Can the download file be used for more than one installation?

Yes, but each installation will require a unique activation code. If you have purchased multiple copies, then download the setup file once and copy it to each computer on which you intend to use the product.

What is a program serial number?

The program serial number is generated during product installation and is unique to the computer on which the product is installed. It is a code that looks like 1234567 (i.e., a seven-digit number). You will see this code in the Activation window when you first launch the program. You will need your program serial number and your advance purchase code (sent to you in an email after purchase of the system) to obtain your activation code.

What is an activation code?

Every computer on which the product is installed has to be activated by a eight-digit activation code. 

To obtain an activation code, you require the following:

  • Your advance purchase code.
    It must have at least one remaining activation available. If you have already obtained your activation code(s) you will not be able to obtain any more. If you want to transfer to another computer please see ‘Transfer to another computer’ (Question 8).
  • The program serial number displayed by your computer

Your activation code will be displayed after you have entered an advance purchase code and program serial number.  IMDG Code for Windows will automatically be activated.

How do I transfer the product to another computer?

During the two-year life span of an IMDG Code amendment, it is possible that you will need to replace your computer.

Note: Your activation code for the old computer will not activate the new computer, because every computer generates a unique program serial number and requires a different activation code.

The following steps outline the transfer procedure:

  • Start the existing system and click the Deactivate option in the Help menu.
  • Deactivate the existing system and note the deactivation code (save details to file and/or print a hard copy).
  • Enter your advance purchase code here. You will see your existing activation details.
  • Click the Deactivate button to the right of the existing activation.
  • Enter your deactivation code and confirm. This will release another activation.
  • Install the product to the new computer and obtain an activation code for the new program serial number.

For further transfer instructions, contact support quoting your advance purchase code, the activation code and the program serial number.

What happens if my system is lost owing to computer failure?

If you have lost your system owing to a computer failure or had to re-install following a virus problem, etc. you will not be able to run the product. To obtain your deactivation code you must contact support quoting your advance purchase code, the activation code and the program serial number.

What should I do if I get a warning message saying 'Wrong code was entered ..' when I try to activate the product?

The activation code you have entered does not match the program serial number displayed by your computer. Please check your activation code and try again. You will have four (4) attempts and then the program will close. If you are still unable to activate your system, please contact quoting your advance purchase code, the activation code and the program serial number.

How do I handle multi-user installations?

Please contact

Note: Every installation on a networked computer must be activated with its own activation code. You will use your advance purchase code to obtain these activation codes until all activations have been used. If you need more activations for other network computers, these will have to be purchased.

IMDG Code on the Web

What Amendment(s) of the IMDG Code does IMDG Code on the Web correspond to?

IMDG Code on the Web is based on Amendment 39-18. 

When does Amendment 39-18 become mandatory?

Amendment 39-18 of the IMDG Code is valid for use on 01 January 2019 and is mandatory from 01 January 2020 

What if I need help in understanding or interpreting the content of the IMDG Code?

Contact your own National Competent Authority. Details are in IMDG Code 7.9.3. 

IMDG Code for Intranet

What is a typical customer profile?

IMDG Code for Intranet has been designed for organizations and companies who want to provide controlled access for their employees who may be widely dispersed across multiple locations. IMDG Code for Intranet is installed and activated on  one of the organization's servers and accessed by any user connected to that server. The total number of users with access at any one time is limited to the number of concurrent users purchased. 

What is the licence term?

The licence term may be for a period of onetwo or three years. You will be contacted towards the end of the term so that it can be renewed without any interruption of service. Please note: access is withdrawn when the current licence terminated unless renewed. Licence terms and conditions (available on the server) must be read and accepted in order to complete installation.

Which IMDG Code Amendment will be provided?

The IMDG Code is based on a two year cycle, see life cycle diagram. During a transition year, both the amendment currently in force and the new amendment may be used, subject to adoption by your national goverment, Therefore during a transition year you will be able to download and activate both the amendment currently in force and the new amendment. You can choose when to give your users access to the new amendment and when to remove access to the old amendment.
During the non-transition years you will download and activate the amendment currently in force.

How do I download and install IMDG Code for Intranet?

Please contact

How do I activate IMDG Code for Intranet?

Please contact

How does concurrent user access work?

Your licence will specify the maximum number of concurrent users who are allowed access to the system at the same time. If you try to gain access when the maximum number of users has already been reached the system will: -

i. Firstly, check to see if any existing user has been inactive for longer than the threshold time (see below). If one has, that user will be disconnected and you will be granted access.

When the disconnected user attempts to continue they will be informed that the maximum number of users has been reached and to try again. However, if another has since become "inactive" then the disconnected user will be automatically re- connected and be unaware they have even been disconnected.

ii. Secondly, having not found an "inactive" user the system will inform you the maximum number of concurrent users has been reached and to try again shortly.

If you need additional access mid-term then contact

Threshold time
The Threshold Time is the inactivity time after which a current user becomes a candidate for disconnection when the maximum number of concurrent users has been reached. This time is entered in the Administration page when activating the system after installation. The default Threshold time is 3 minutes which is also the minimum to which it can be set. The maximum is 60 minutes or your own server time-out, whichever is the lesser.

How do I request a quotation for IMDG Code for Intranet?

Please submit a Quotation Request

IMDG Code e-reader

What does the IMDG Code e-reader include?

The IMDG Code book and Supplement e-reader versions are fully bookmarked and indexed with linking throughout. They are an exact copy of the hard copy titles.

How do I access the e-reader?

You will be required to download the e-reader software (EBK files - link will be provided after purchase). The ebk file format is viewed using the free software "The IMO Bookshelf". Purchased titles are locked to a single computer. The e-reader software is for Windows use and MAC users need to use a Windows emulator e.g. Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop) in order to view the files.

In what languages is the e-reader available?

The e-reader is available in English, French and Spanish.

How much can I print each day?

A maximum of 75 pages can be printed each day. Once that limit has been reached additional pages can be printed out, but only two at a time.

IMDG Code e-learning

Which course do I need to take?

There are several levels of training - multimodal general awareness, function specific, advanced and refresher. You should take the course that is most closely related to the role that you carry out in your organisation. See the 'training recommendations guide' on the IMDG Code e-learning page for further information.

How is the student verified?

As with all computer-based training, record-keeping for the IMDG Code e-learning course should include confirmation that the student named on the course completion certificate was the person that took the course. This can simply be done by the supervisor or manager signing a file copy of the completion certificate confirming that the named student took the course, or by archiving an electronic equivalent. It is a requirement of the local competent authorities of Ireland and Australia that students from those countries choose the verified certificate at the end of the course rather than the standard certificate.

What is the administrator function?

The administrator function is ideal for companies with larger numbers of students to be trained. It provides full administrator management of courses taken at any location for regional or global training programmes. It allows management of active courses, including course configuration for job functions, setting pass marks and time frames for completion and progress monitoring. Company-specific training elements can also be incorporated.

How often should I retrain?

There are no specific recurrent training requirements within the IMDG Code regarding the frequency of training but the Code in states that training ‘shall be periodically supplemented with refresher training to take account of changes in regulations and practice’.

Some countries have defined training periods in their national legislation e.g. under US regulations (49 CFR) anyone involved in transporting dangerous goods by sea must be trained every three years; many others have not yet addressed the issue.

Many companies and organisations require update and/or refresher training with every Amendment; this ensures staff are made aware of the changes and the potential impact on transport operations.

It is up to you as an individual or company to determine the required frequency for training and the level at which this training must be provided.

Exis Technologies offer a refresher course which provides an awareness of the IMDG Code’s provisions and outlines the main changes in the latest Amendment update in every new Amendment.

What is covered in the 49 CFR module

The 49 CFR module is an extra configuration which can be taken in addition to any of the other course configurations. This module provides information on the additional requirements of 49 CFR when shipping to and from the United States under the IMDG Code provisions. The elements in this module focus on:
- Providing an introduction and overview of the 49 CFR regulation
- General conditions for the use of the IMDG Code when shipping to or from the United States
- Requirements for specific materials and packages when shipping to or from the United States
- Additional requirements when using the IMDG Code when shipping to or from the United States

IMDG Code books

How long will it take to receive the books?

The books are sent out by express or expedited post. Express post is for certain destinations only. Please note there are no orders currently being taken for books due to Covid-19.

What is the IMDG Code Supplement?

The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code lays out the regulatory framework for all aspects of handling dangerous goods and marine pollutants in sea transport, but does not include all details of procedures for packing of dangerous goods or actions to take in the event of an emergency or accident involving personnel who handle goods at sea. The IMDG Code Supplement provides this important additional information regarding procedures, packaging, actions relating to emergencies, and medical incidents that are not included in the IMDG Code but to which the IMDG Code refers.

The Supplement also includes the Medical First Aid Guide, descriptions of the reporting procedures for incidents involving dangerous goods, harmful substances and/or marine pollutants, the International Code for the Safe Carriage of Packaged Irradiated Nuclear Fuel, Plutonium and High-Level Radioactive Wastes on board Ships.