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IMDG Code on the Web V14, Amendment 39-18
Valid January 2019, mandatory January 2020

IMO sales no. S200E

An online annual subscription service providing access to the IMDG Code. Ideal for use from any location with internet capability. Multiple user logins available.

Contains the full text of the IMDG Code and Supplement with these features:

  • Searchable by Proper Shipping Name, UN Number and IMDG Code references
  • Searchable by French and Spanish Proper Shipping Names
  • Extensive cross-referencing
  • On-screen colour displays of hazard labels, signs and marks
  • Medical First Aid Guide illustrations
  • Future errata updates are incorporated into the content as soon as they are available

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System requirements
Client Machine
Internet Explorer version 11 or later, Chrome V55, Firefox V50 and Microsoft Edge

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