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Preparation for sales support for IMDG Code electronic products
(not applicable to printed publications)


Dear Distributor,

As announced in the July IMO Publishing newsletter, there will be a new distribution system for the next version of the IMDG Code on CD (V8, Amdt 33-06). If you did not receive the IMO Publishing newsletter or wish to review it, we suggest that you first read it now at:

Instead of distributors pre-purchasing stock CDs, IMO will be distributing a free CD shrink-wrapped onto the cover of the printed IMDG Code 2006 edition. Additional free CDs will be available to distributors on request.

When your customer inserts the CD into his computer, he can view a tour of the product and is guided through the simple purchase process. This prompts him to contact his distributor by e-mail, fax or telephone to buy an activation code for each computer on which the product will be used. During this process a list of IMO distributors can be accessed.

The practical benefits for you of the new distribution system will include immediate order fulfilment, no product inventory, greatly reduced sales administration and little or no mail distribution.

As a distributor, you will need to prepare for the sales calls in good time for the publication of the IMDG Code, scheduled for October. This document suggests the steps that you should consider.

1) Visit the distributor support website now

• Confirm your distributor listing

The email to which this letter was attached contained your username and password for your online account. You will need to visit the distributor support website to confirm your entry and contact persons in the distributor listing and to familiarise yourself with your account. You can also change your password if you wish.

Also available on the website is an online price calculator for multiple standalone or network orders. The single-user pricing has not changed from the 2004 V7 (Amdt 32-04) edition, but there are changes to multiple standalone and network discounts.

From the date of product launch in October, the distributor website will provide the secure facility for you to:

  • Purchase product activation codes online in US Dollars, Euros or GB Pounds using Visa or Mastercard credit cards (alternatively, purchase by bank transfer/cheque will be possible)
  • Purchase at the standard discounted distributor rate.

• View the product tour

Right now you can view a tour of the product for familiarisation/training purposes. This is the same tour that your customers will see when they insert the CD, so it is important that your customer-facing staff see it first.

• Get the catalogue entry copy and product logotype

You can also download suggested copy for your printed or online catalogue listing, together with the product logotype.

• View the product installation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These cover the procedure that your customers will use to install, purchase and activate the product.

• Post any questions you may have

You can use the support request link to post any questions.

2) Prepare your labeling of the printed IMDG Code

If you distribute the printed IMDG Code books, you will need to attach a label to each shrink wrapper so that your customers know how to purchase the CD program from you. Suggested copy for this is attached. You need to prepare for this now.

3) Consider how, at the launch date, you will inform your existing IMDG Code on CD customers of the new purchase system and its benefits for them

  • A suggested copy template for this is attached, for incorporation into your own copy
  • The product support website will have purchase/installation guidance for your customers

4) Designate the staff to be the point of contact for product sales

These staff should have appropriate product knowledge and be trained in the very simple sales/product activation process. From 1 October the distributor support website will provide a dummy sales routine for training purposes.

Product code

Also announced was the new IMDG Code e-learning training. This is a separate product included on the CD and is activated in exactly the same way as the IMDG Code CD product. The distributor support website has a tour of this product and the above sales support preparations as for the IMDG Code CD apply.

Developing the IMDG Code electronic sales

With your active support there is the potential to greatly increase sales of the electronic versions of the IMDG Code and to successfully launch IMDG Code e-learning.

One of the identified sales barriers is low awareness of the electronic alternatives and their efficiency benefits. Free distribution of a large number of CDs containing the products will address that problem and will open up sales opportunities for all distributors.

We hope that this is helpful and look forward to supporting you during the product launch.

IMDG support team
Tel +44 1325 466672
Fax +44 1325 466643

Please note that only the IMDG Code CD and e-learning products are affected by this change.
All other IMO Publishing titles continue with the current distribution system.

Copy templates for customer announcements

Label copy template

This pack includes a CD containing:

  • The IMDG Code CD V8 Amdt 33-06 for new and existing customers upgrading
  • IMDG Code e-learning, a new product for shore-side personnel training

Put the CD in your CD drive and view the tours.
Contact us to purchase activation codes at: (your contact information here)

Customer announcement copy template (on publication of the IMDG Code Amdt 33-06)

Please substitute your own weblink addresses if activated.

For existing users, i.e. purchasers of IMDG CD V7

IMDG Code 2006 edition (Amdt 33-06) has been published by IMO. It is valid for use from 1 January 2007 and is mandatory from 1 January 2008. As a current user of the IMDG Code on CD V7, we are contacting you to advise that we can now supply IMDG Code on CD V8, Amdt 33-06.

The new product has a different installation and purchase process to previous versions. The CD has been freely distributed with the printed IMDG Code and is also available from us on request. This can be used for your upgrade to V8.

The CD is inserted into your computer and is used to install and activate the program using an activation code that you can purchase from us. The process can be repeated on any number of computers using a new activation code for each, so you need only one CD for multiple standalone or network installations. For more information please go to

The new system speeds order fulfilment and means that you can purchase additional copies of the product immediately, without waiting for physical delivery of CDs.

Also on the CD is a new product, IMDG Code e-learning. This is a new interactive training course for shore-side personnel involved in dangerous goods transport by sea. There is a free tour of this course on the CD and more information at The course is installed, purchased and activated in exactly the same way as the IMDG Code CD.

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For new customers

IMDG Code 2006 edition (Amdt 33-06) has been published by IMO. It is valid for use from 1 January 2007 and is mandatory from 1 January 2008. We are contacting you to advise that we can now supply the electronic version IMDG Code on CD V8, Amdt 33-06. For more information please go to

Also, a new interactive training course for shore-side personnel involved in dangerous goods transport by sea is available. For more information please go to

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